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A leadership team as diverse as the people we serve

The ABH brand was developed around the collective desire to deliver a positive and honest hotel management experience for our clients. Justin, Avinash, and Yuri, established professional relationships while working in different facets of the industry, prior to coming together with the goal of creating a unique environment in ABH. We discovered that we shared a desire to start our own hospitality management firm with a focus on unique partnerships between the owners and their management team. We wanted to be a part of a leadership team that not only complimented each other, but also shared a passion for hospitality. Our main goal is to provide leadership and direction that makes our clients feel as valued as their hotels. Sandy, our most recent member, is another industry acquaintance, that believes in the ideals of the firm and is the perfect fit to round out the ABH management team.

Avinash Bhakta – Partner/President of ABH Hospitality Management.
avinash@abhhotels.com | 210-838-1055

As a second-generation hotelier and a Certified Hotel Owner, Avinash has worked in just about every position necessary to run the day-to-day operations of a hotel from front desk to pool cleaner to payroll. Avinash embodies the phrase “second generation, second nature” from his involved role in helping his family plan out and create their own successful hotel, while he was just in high school, to developing his own portfolio. As an owner and investor in numerous hotels himself, he truly understands the owner’s perspective. Avinash is up front and honest with assessments of hotel potential, which allows for maximizing profits for all parties involved without sacrificing quality.

Justin Holley – Partner/Vice President of ABH Hospitality Management
justin@abhhotels.com | 210-373-4909

Justin is a master networker with an outstanding background in the branding side of the hotel industry with a passion for community empowerment projects. Justin received his educational experience at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and graduated with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. Beginning his career, Justin received hands on experience on the operations side working for a large hotel corporation, where he remained for twelve years. He then, transitioned to the franchise side and eventually moved to the branding side. He adds outside the box creativity to his role as ABH’s man for human resources and payroll, when he’s not acting as the firm’s resident wordsmith. His talent as a networker is exemplified in his reputation as the “connector” of the team. He thrives at connecting clients with people who have the right resources to help their hotels thrive in their respective communities. Hailing from a family that staked high value in excellent service, Justin is proud of the problem-solving methods of ABH and assists the team in ensuring that all hotel issues are solved in a prompt and effective manner.